is for everybody who wishes to buy, sell or build a home

The website from the Danish Business Authority contains step-by-step guides, articles, tools and data services designed to make it easier and more secure for users to sell or buy homes.

  • Opdateret 1. februar 2021

The portal provides:

  • Overview of buying and selling processes and of who is normally doing what    
  • Insight into housing transaction processes designed to equip the home owner for the cooperation with professional advisers
  • Tools and documents to enable home owners to carry out parts of a housing transaction themselves
  • Access to the big national databases containing data about buildings, property and development plans

At the launch in February 2006 the documents on were first and foremost examples of documents or documents that were downloadable from other websites via links. In this way the user can, for example, view a property condition survey report or download prints of current documents from The Public Information Server, which contains information about your property as well as other properties.

In 2012 the Danish Business Authority launched a combined report containing all public property data necessary in real estate deals. The concept is of ''one stop shopping' - alle information is available on the web in one click.


In 2004 the Danish Competition Authority delivered a report showing that competition in the market for buying and selling homes is limited and dominated by few actors. Therefore, it is expensive for Danish consumers to sell or buy a home. Against that background, the Danish Government took a number of initiatives to increase competition in the market, make housing transactions cheaper and create greater transparency – for the benefit of consumers. The initiatives are described in the publication Better and Cheaper Housing Transactions. is one of these initiatives. The data report another.